Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

The following are the policies that guide our little paper, and help us determine if content is of a nature that is consistent with our ideals and moral standards.

  1. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press is a cornerstone of a thriving democracy. And while we may not agree with another person’s view, their right to that view is protected.
  2. Truth is paramount to any discussion, falsehood is the undermining of our First Amendment Rights. However, the ability to question is the basis of reason. Thus, unless something can be shown to be false, the one person’s truth may not be another’s, thus the foundation of opinion.
  3. It is possible to be respectful in disagreement, indeed that is the sign of a civilized society.
  4. By striving to present facts, you’re allowing your audience the opportunity to form an opinion, the real goal of any type of truly free press.
  5. No person is capable of being truly neutral. All humans will have likes and dislikes, however, every human has the capability of being impartial, realizing you feel a certain way, and presenting arguments or viewpoints that are both aligned with and against your feelings.
  6. Works that exist solely to harm one another and that have little basis are reprehensible.
  7. Every person deserves a voice.
  8. The government belongs to and is beholden to the people.
  9. No person is EVER greater than another. The most downtrodden is equal to the most famous.
  10. Any correction to a story should be placed as prominently as the original story. Truth should always prevail.
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