Tue. Mar 5th, 2024

The Great Falls Gazette is produced by Foxys Publishing Co. Foxys is headed by Michael “Andy” Anderson, a Great Falls Native who frankly was tired of reading news from everywhere BUT Montana. We started with acquiring the Augusta Breeze (now part of the Gazette) in 2022. After much prodding and many requests, we started the Great Falls Gazette to bring that local flavor back to Andy’s hometown.

While the Gazette is still currently printed in Augusta, we hope to move production back to Great Falls and open a walk-in office there in the spring of 2024. Additionally, we hope to grow our paper to more retail locations and expand subscribers significantly over the next year.

One thing that Foxys Publishing and the Great Falls Gazette are committed to is being local. You will see very little in our paper that doesn’t directly impact folks in North Central Montana. Additionally, we’re committed to ensuring the small outlying towns and communities have their voice. At the end of September, when we started to integrate the Augusta Breeze into the Gazette, one thing was, first and foremost, that the Breeze stay a name in the community and that that community still had a voice. We think we have accomplished that task.

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