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Go to the bottom of this page to enter a celebration. It can take a day or two for new Celebrations to show up; be patient; our little Celebration elves are busy little folk.

Celebrations in Issue 12, Volume 1:

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Submit your Celebration

Anyone can submit a “Celebration,” be it Birth, Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation, Commitment, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, or even a big promotion. Let’s share those positive messages. Celebrations are limited to 25 words. We will allow a 1″ x 1″ picture if you want to add a picture. The message MUST be positive and not of a commercial nature.

The listing will include a picture (if any), your message, your first name, and your last initial. If you want to send an anonymous message, please indicate when you place the ad. Celebration must be submitted by noon on Wednesday to be in that week’s issue. You may pre-submit by entering a preferred date that is in the future. You can get all your announcements done for the next few months and look like you’re really on top of things!

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Your Name
Note, your Celebration will include your first name, and last initial. If you do not wish to include your name, put your first name as A Anonymous and we’ll print it as -Anonymous.
Your Email
Yes, you must leave your email. This is to help prevent abuse of the system, and so that if we have a problem with your celebration, we can let you know. We do NOT sell this information or use it for any other purpose.
Enter your Celebration, Remember it should be 25 words or less, and should be a postive message of celebration for someone. You may use their name, however we HIGHLY recommend only using the receipients last initial if they are a child. Do NOT post addresses or phone numbers of people here, we will not accept your Celebration if you do.
Enter a Date if you wish your Celebration to post in the future. The picker will only allow you to pick Fridays, so be sure to pick the Friday BEFORE your important date. Leave blank if you want your celebration in the next issue.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Picture upload. Try and find a non-cluttered bright picture. It will be resized to 1″x1″ for publication. We can NOT do proofs on pictures, but if we feel the picture will not work, we WILL send you an email. Please remember that these pictures will be seen by people of all ages and walks of life. We reserve the right to decline a picture or celebration if we feel it is not appropriate or for any other reason.
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