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This page contains a couple of forms you can use if you’re having problems with your subscription. You may use them or call us at (406) 952-3021 and we’ll help you get any issues ironed out!

When the website was updated, I lost my digital subscription

Please fill out the following form so we can relink your subscription. Note that this can take a little time as we have to research both the old subscription and your new account. You MUST setup a free account here for us to link them together.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
This is the Email you originally signed up with. The one you used to make an account on this website is later on. If they are the same, just enter the other one.
Please enter any phone number you may have used to sign up before, this helps us verify we have the right account. If you have more then one, separate them by commas.
How you signed up.
How did you sign up originally.
This is the address you used to signup for membership (free) on this site. If it's the same as above, just leave blank, that's fine!

My paper stopped coming. What happened?

Here are a couple of self-help things you can check, if those don’t help, fill out the form, or call (406) 952-3021 and we’ll help you track down what’s happening.

  1. Make sure your subscription hasn’t expired. Starting October 13th, all mail-out subscriptions have the subscription end date on the bottom of the envelope or mailing label. Make sure your subscription hasn’t lapsed.
  2. An issue with your mail delivery. Sometimes the post office has issues preventing mail delivery. If you’re not getting any mail, do check with them, it does happen.
  3. Did you go on vacation and set up a forward for your mail? That can sometimes cause delays in the mailing process.
  4. If your copy was supposed to be there today, do give it one or two days, as sometimes a carrier gets sick or a mistake is made, giving it a little time may resolve it.
  5. Remember, we mail so that most copies are delivered on our issue date (Fridays), however, if you do not live in Great Falls or an area that is sorted by Great Falls, it will take longer to get your copy to you.
Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
While not required, if we can not contact you, we may not be able to help you.
Please be as detailed as possible. You must include either a phone number or email if you would like us to contact you about the issue.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 5 files.
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