Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Each week, we’ll have a new poll of the week. The polls are open from Friday at 8 am until Tuesday at 5 pm. We’ll publish the results of the poll near the current one.

These polls are totally anonymous, and we do not track users, internet addresses, or emails concerning the polls. You may vote online or by phone. The phone number is on the poll. To vote online, you’ll see Poll at the top menu. Click this, and you’ll be taken to the current poll if active.

We think this will be a fun system that folks will enjoy. Do you have feedback on this new feature? We’d love to know, you can call or email us your feedback. While no one wants to hear what they are doing wrong, if we aren’t doing what we should be, then we really need to know so we can get things straightened out!

Note, if there is no poll below, then the poll is closed for now, check back after Friday!

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Last weeks results: How do you like the new format of the newspaper on a scale from 1-9 (9 being the best): Average result was 8.6 Thanks for voting!

Companies interested in having their own Telephone Polling should contact Andy @ (406) 604-8929 for information about rates. Media partners that would like access to our poll data and being part of the Poll of the Week, should likewise contact Andy at (406) 604-8929 so that you can be part of the Poll of the Week network!

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