Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

Latigo & Lace Artist Showcase – Ross Mosher

Avatar By Don Coleman Mar29,2024

This week’s artist is Ross Mosher, who was born, raised, and remains in Augusta. Ross began doing photography as a simple hobby 5 years ago, using only a simple phone camera for some time.

Ross will occasionally receive pieces to take quality photos for companies, for promotional work. Part of how he keeps his hobby monetized, but occasionally will be allowed to keep whatever he was asked to take a picture of, including fly fishing equipment, another big hobby of his.

His mother was one of the original ladies who opened Latigo & Lace, so he had a smooth entry into having his pictures put up for sale. He has taken a small collection of pictures of local areas around Augusta, including his family ranch, the T-Bar Ranch. A few pieces are also hanging up at Blue Pine Wine for public viewing.

The ranch raises horses, which Ross explains are left in a wide open area, giving plenty of good views and backdrops for an amazing photo subject, leading to plenty of pictures involving his horses.

Don Coleman
Author: Don Coleman


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