Tue. Apr 23rd, 2024
Gazette Buzz

By popular demand, we have been starting work on the Great Falls Gazette Buzz. The Buzz is all about music, sports, art, theater, and other special events.  What this means for the public is that there is a great and free way to discover what’s happening in the Electric City. For promoters and persons running events, it gives an inexpensive way to ensure the public knows about your event.  We’ll have free listings (event name, date, and location) and special pricing on event display ads(event-specific ads are about three-quarters of our normal ad rate!)  Non-profit organizations (501c3) may qualify for special ad pricing.  

At this point, we’re still doing a lot of development. However, we want to get the word out so we can start putting together a great resource for things happening in the Electric City and the nearby areas.   Current plans are for the Buzz to appear once per month. However, if there is enough demand, we’d love to see this become a feature of every paper.  

More than just ads, we’ll be able to have feature stories in each issue, so large events and big headliners can get even more exposure and help you fill event seats.  Much more than just an event listing, the Buzz will focus better on the events that happen.

Here’s how you can help.  Get the word about your event (you can call us at (406) 604-8929 or use the form on the Gazette Events page), and we’ll get the info in the paper.  The earlier you can get us information, the more likely we can get your listing done how you like.  If you have artwork, we can work out getting your artwork in as well for your ads.  If you are a venue, contact Andy, and we’ll set up a streamlined way for you to submit events in your venue to help make it even easier to keep those ticket sales or cover charges going!

Zach Anderson
Author: Zach Anderson


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