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Back to School Time!

Avatar By Zach Anderson Sep13,2023

It’s back to school time again. As schools begin, we look forward to writing about their events and keeping you up to date the best we can.

Great Falls Public Schools’ first day for students will be August 30th.  

The GFPS website has some great resources for parents to prepare.  Here are some highlights and links:

There really is a LOT on the site for the public, students, and parents.  It can be a great resource not just for newcomers to the area, but long-time residents will find a wealth of information as well.

As school starts, remember, to respect the traffic control devices on buses and crosswalks.  Sometimes our little ones forget and it’s up to us all to ensure children are safe!   Additionally, we can all be patient and remember that bus drivers and crossing guards have much to pay attention to.  They really aren’t trying to make your day terrible, just making sure everyone’s children get to and from school safely.

Zach Anderson
Author: Zach Anderson


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